Reduces up to 75% of transferred recoil

Shoot Smarter

Our recoil pad has been tested by sharpshooters around the globe and the feedback is unanimous. The SmartCells Recoil Pad is the best recoil pad on the market with the field studies to prove it.

Engineered to resist bottoming out


The SmartCells Technology features a firm surface but absorbs impact force, assuring that your rifle will never get close to touching your shoulder.

SmartCells® Cushioning Technology


The SmartCells® Advanced Cushioning Recoil Pad features our signature patented cushioning technology which provides you with optimal comfort, extended range sessions, and improved accuracy. Try it once and you’ll never buy another recoil pad.

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Compatible Rifle Models

Easy to install and dynamic in versatility, the SmartCells Recoil Pad fits several Tikka & Sako Rifles.

With easy installation instructions requiring only a screw driver to install, the SmartCells Recoil Pad is a cost-effective upgrade that drastically improves the comfort of your rifle.


Tikka T3X

Tikka T3

Tikka T3x LITE

Tikka T3 Battue Light

Tikka T3 Hunter

Tikka T3 Deluxe


Engineered for a perfect balance between firmness and elongation.


Start bringing home more trophies to hang on your walls.


Keep your groupings closer, hit your marks, and enjoy the spotlight.


Enjoy your extended 1-on-1 time with your rifle.

Trusted by marksman, gunslingers, and hunters throughout the world.

I mounted your pad without any issues to my Tikka Rifle ( Chambered in 30-06 ). It's fit and finish were awesome. I fired an entire box of ammunition without experiencing any fatigue / flinch. I normally develop a flinch after about the 12th round, or get my teeth knocked loose from the heavy recoil of a light weight hunting rifle. Your product certainly makes sighting in a heavy recoiling cartridge much more manageable. I would certainly recommend this pad to my other hunting buddies who dread recoil.- Anthony Todd Cox, Hunter (Tikka)
The SmartCells Recoil Pad not only outlasted the competition, but also never bottomed out throughout the entire round of testing.- David Giacosa, G.I.A Tactical (Tikka T3x)
This pad is superior to the Limbsaver pad I have been using. The SmartCells Recoil Pad added shooting comfort, performance & rifle accuracy.- Ron Palmer, Engineer/Marksman
I love my new recoil pad!!! Before fitting the recoil pad to my .270 it was uncomfortable to shoot more than e few rounds and I had trouble tracking where my shots landed. With the recoil pad fitted It has reduced felt recoil by around 50%. Now I can spend the whole day putting rounds down the range and when hunting I`m much more confident seeing where my shots hit and I can be ready for a follow up or second shot.- David Maughan, QLD, Australia
With the SmartCell once again it is around the same thickness as the LimberSaver but made out of a more durable and solider compound of rubber. This design works well with reduction in recoil by about 50% more than the standard recoil pad and the way it has been designed it gives you good control of your rifle.- Glen Nocente, QLD, Australia (Tikka T3 Lite)


Located in Australia, GIA Tactical has performed numerous field studies and product comparisons between the SmartCells Recoil Pad and other industry leading recoil pads. The field reports speak for themselves. See why GIA has become a proud partner of the SmartCells Recoil Pad.


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